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Bullet Journal Ideas

I wrote about planning before, but planning is a big part of my life and I love the mental clarity I can enjoy when my day is adequately planned. While I use a daily planner that is already built, I have a separate notebook for lists that I like to write.

Bullet Journals are an amazing resource for people like me who like to write lists to help them organize their goals into more bite-sized pieces: It's much easier to see "walk 10,000 steps per day (approx. 8km)" than "Walk the equivalent of Port Aux Basques to St. John's (902.5km)". No matter what your goals are, I found pleasure in having a "bu-jo" companion planner nearby. These are my favorite lists and trackables:

1. 20 in 2020: On New Years Day, I sat with a cup of tea and a new notebook and wrote out the 20 things I want to accomplish in 2020. This list was the 'parent list' for my list of lists this year. 
2. Books to read: I want to read 20 books this year and 12 of them (one per month) have to be development books (professional, personal, business related - or something I can learn or grow from reading). I write down the book I want to read, and when I have I cross it off the list. 
3. Steps walked: Every day I log my steps walked, as another goal I have for this year is to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. (spoiler - I have yet to walk 10,000 steps per day in 2020, but I am getting closer every day to that goal )
4. Meals: School Lunches, dinner ideas, and snacks. Looking in the cupboards after a long work day and wondering what to cook just didn't work for me anymore. I opted instead to write a list of my favorite meals and use that list to develop weekly meal plans. This way, I know what groceries to buy and what meals to cook a week in advance. This has saved me so much time, money, and energy. When I find a new recipe I want to try, I add it to the list. My sons school lunches are easier to prepare, because we plan them together and can usually pack them ahead of time (cut up the cheese, portion the yogurt, etc...)
5. Shows to Watch: This one helps me keep tabs on my favorite shows. I have the name of the show and what day of the week/time it will air so I know when to tune in (or when to avoid spoilers haha). I also track movies and shows that my friends have suggested so I have something to watch if Netflix' suggestions aren't appealing at the time. 
6. Household Tasks: This one is pretty much a mega cleaning page, where I have broken up my chores into categories by room of the house (Bedroom, kitchen, etc) and under each heading I have the list of what needs to be done in that room(sweep, dust, mop, dishes etc). From there, I have color-coded each item by their frequency of attention (daily, weekly, monthly). This list keeps me organized and ahead of the household tasks that need to get done. 
7. Bucket List: Most of everyone I know has this list floating around somewhere: places to travel, things to do, and items to cross off. My bucket list contains items such as a Hot Air balloon ride and a trip to Ireland. 
8. Packing/Travel List: I travel a fair bit for work and for personal reasons (WHY does Micheal's have to be an 8-hour drive away?) so this list makes packing for trips so much easier. It also includes a list of things to check for when coming home (Hotel Check-out list includes "don't forget your phone charger" and "check under the bed for lost socks"), and a backpack list for things to pack my son when he comes along with me (travel games, charge the ipad, bring the camera, extra change of clothes etc)
9. Reset Spread: I try to make Sundays the prep-day for the week. When successful, Sunday is the day I set up my week and look over goals I have accomplished last week and set this weeks goals. I review my to-do list for the week and cross off what has been done and transfer over what hasn't. I plan meals for the week and write my grocery list, prep what can be prepped, and tidy the house. If I'm feeling extra productive, I look at my online shopping carts and either buy or delete the items I have stored there through the week (does anybody else do this?)
10. Projects to do: Because I like to craft, I spend a great amount of time looking at inspirational ideas to try myself (Pinterest DIY!), and writing lists of things I'd like to try. 
11. Motivational Quotes: Self-talk is a positive tool that is rarely utilized enough. This is a few pages of my book that are dedicated to inspirational quotes and motivational sayings that I use for writing prompts. 
12. Notes: Because I like to read/study, I like to keep notes on what I have read. Things that spark interest or that I want to continue doing research on that might further help me understand what I have read, or things I would like to remember later. 
13. List of Lists: This is the list of stuff I can work on throughout the year (such as craft fairs to visit, things to accomplish, or things I have discovered that can be tracked, but haven't started doing yet - hydration/wellness/fitness, tax prep (I'll fill this one in soon as tax season is now), birthdays, passwords, are just some of the trillion things you can track if you feel doing so will help you organize your life. 

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