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Challenge of the Day - Day 2 (4 January 2021)

Welcome Back! 
Todays challenge comes from the idea that if you

Set up your environment for tomorrow,

you will be much better focused and ready for all the things that come. Because most of us are headed back to work today, it might be a good idea to start a new routine to prepare for tomorrow (and all the tomorrows of this year). To do this, let's look at how your daily routine looks and see if any of these things can be done the night before. 

For me, the first cup of coffee is always the most important. For this reason, I set up my coffee pot the night before so that all I have to do in the morning is press one button; before I am dressed, my coffee is brewed and I am ready to pour and sip. 

Next, never knowing 'what to wear' can cause a delay in getting out the door, so picking out my outfit the night before helps with the rush of making that decision. 

If you're here, chances are high that you have kids. Packing our lunches and setting up the bookbag/reading the agenda for any important notes helps reduce that last-minute rush of finding a toy for show-and-share. 

Where are the keys to your vehicle? Are they where you expect them to be? Are your electronics charged and ready, alarm set, and boots drying on the heater? 

Take five minutes today and prepare your environment for tomorrow. When you get to the office, what are the first things you do there, and does it make sense to set up your office for tomorrow, today? 


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