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Challenge of the Day - Day 4 (6 January 2021)

Go for a Walk (Get some fresh air)

With shorter nights and colder days it becomes difficult finding the energy and desire to go outside. The lack of sunlight and fresh air can hinder our mental health and make us feel tired, groggy, and unproductive. Without sunshine, our vitamin levels decrease and our bodies are more more susceptible to illness.

Would you believe that on 26 December this year, we hopped on our bikes and rode to Steady Brook? The temperatures rose to 13 degrees and with not a snowflake in sight, it was a great day to get out for some fresh air. Thankfully, we got back home before the sun set and the temperature dipped again, but it was a gorgeous day to be outside.

This week, our area is calling for some warm(ish) weather, so your challenge for the day is to get outside for some fresh air. Take your lunch to a local park, go for a walk on your break, or read a few pages of your book when the sun is high up in the sky.

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