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Mindful Meditation

I recently had the opportunity to learn how to Meditate using Primordial Sound. In these sessions, the teacher takes a few moments to speak about what meditation can do for you long past the actual practice. She starts with an introductory conversation about meditation, then guides us toward introducing the mantra we will use. Since starting these sessions, I have caught myself checking my breathing, practicing the techniques, and tapping into my inner self. Long after the sessions, I am benefiting from her lessons and from the practice itself. Here are some of the things I have taken away from these sessions and what they mean to me:

"Tap into people who resonate with you. Let their energy fill you with their energy, and let their love flow through you and into those who need your love, and energy, and understanding. This is how we save the world: one person, one love at a time." 

Take what the universe is giving you and share it with your world. I love that the pay-it-forward movement comes to mind when I read this statement because it makes this easier to explain how this resonates with me. When you consider the feeling you get when somebody in front of you has paid for your coffee, it is so much easier to spread that feeling further and do the same for the person behind you. 

"Stress is the perceived obstacles to the fulfillment of our needs and desires"

That's it. When we worry about how the bills are getting paid, or how our interview went, or how our children are doing in school; we are perceiving the worst possible outcome and become stressed as a result. 

"Stress plants seeds of illness that bloom into weeds of disease"

When we are stressed, our blood pressure increases, our heart rate increases, our blood vessels constrict, and our body prepares itself for 'fight or flight'. Long-term results of stress on the body include brittle hair and nails, cardiovascular disease, organ failure, and so much more that could lead to things like cardiac events, ulcers, and strokes. Meditating and practicing proper breathing techniques can help your body fight off some of the daily stress you experience, and allow yourself the room to plant seeds of wellness that will blossom into beautiful bouquets of success and love. 


I took these practices home and taught them to my son.

When he feels frustrated or worried, he combines techniques he learned in school (the Turtle Method) with meditation techniques. He will first take a long deep breath inward and let it out. Then he will tell me what the problem is and why it is his problem ("It's too cold to go outside and I really wanted to go sliding"). Then he will close his eyes for a few minutes and breathe. Sometimes I can see the tension in his face and shoulders falling off him as he relaxes, and when he is ready he will open his eyes and tell me what he has learned or decided ("If I can't go sliding, I'd like to play a board game with you").

I love that he does this because it reminds me how to deal with simple 'problems (I really want to watch the entire series of Gilmore Girls, but if I do that this weekend, I won't get the business stuff accomplished, and if I don't do that stuff, I will let a lot of my favorite people down")' and more complicated problems that cause me stress (I have to have a difficult conversation that I feel unprepared to have). After a few moments of meditating on the problem, I can determine that it really doesn't have to be as stressful as I let it be. 

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