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Random Acts of Kindness

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness day. 

There are several ways to celebrate and acknowledge this day while teaching your child the benefits of being kind. Here are my top ten:

1. Shovel your neighbor's driveway. After cleaning up your own driveway, head next door or across the street to give your neighbor a hand with theirs. If your child has a small shovel, they can help you with the lighter snow!
2. Pay for someone's lunch. In the drivethru getting a coffee after school? Why not pay for the order behind you and brighten someone's day. Many pay-it-forward chains happen in drivethru lines, and your Random Act of Kindness might start one in your community.
3. Give a stranger a compliment. Ever find yourself admiring someone's bright smile, or hair? Let them know! Genuine compliments make people feel amazing. 
4. Volunteer with a local community group Find an organization you feel passionate about and offer to spend a few hours helping them out. They might certainly appreciate your offer!
5. Bring cookies or coffee to a local organization. Bake some cookies with your child and drop them off at the local Fire Hall or Police Station. Essential workers work long days and a fresh-baked cookie or warm cup of coffee might help ease the long day.
6. Let someone go in front of you. If you are at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, let the person behind you go first. If they only have a few items, it won't take too long to go through and you can spend those few extra minutes talking about your child's day at school!
7. Write a letter to someone you appreciate. Sit at the table with a stack of paper and some crayons, and have your child draw a picture while you write a letter to someone you care about. Physical mail doesn't often get sent anymore, and a letter with a picture might be the highlight of someone's day.
8. Hold the door open for someone. Whether you're walking into the grocery store or leaving the local coffee shop, hold open the door for someone else. 
9. Treat a friend to lunch. Call up someone you haven't seen for a while and offer to take them out for an hour. You can even get the kids together for a play date while you catch up on things. 
10. Pay someone's parking meter. Did you notice a parking meter has expired? Throw a quarter into the slot to help a stranger avoid a parking ticket! 


Looking for more RAKs? Check out this site:


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