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Science X®: Secret Codes

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Science X®: Secret Codes
Where Science, Fun and Learning Collide!
More product information : Pssst… Can you keep a secret? Learn to send secret messages six different ways with this cryptic kit from Ravensburger! Use a scytale to decipher disc messages like they did in ancient Greece, write backwards in a mirror, and more – Secret Codes contains everything you need to write and decode secret messages. 

• Instructions, supplies and history about the ancient origins of 6 amazing secret code activities!
• Includes the following materials:
o Sheet of paper, 2 straws, and pencil to create your own scytale messages
o 2 decoding discs and brass fastener for writing encoded messages
o Mirror for mirror writing 
o String and knot holder for knotted codes
o 2 code templates for code cracker activity
o Stick of wax to write invisible messages
• For ages 8+

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