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Blushing Blossom - Lamaze

Blushing Blossom - Lamaze

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Sensory exploration leads to color discoveries!

Each pedal surrounding the embroidered smile of this happy flower features multiple fabric textures to touch and feel plus crinkly sounds to listen to and enjoy.

And all the while - With each pedal little ones touch, the flower lights up with that color!

Touch the yellow pedal to see it light up with yellow. Touch the blue pedal to see it light up with blue. Or - here comes the best part - Touch two pedals at once to create a whole new color!

From touching, hearing, and seeing to thinking, imagining, and learning, the Lamaze Blushing Blossom Colors helps young minds flourish through play.

Lamaze Blushing Blossom Colors

  • Flower-shaped sensory toy with colorful lights that light up when pedals are touched
  • Encourages sensory learning, tactile exploration, cause-effect learning, color learning
  • Sensory exploration becomes an early-learning lesson
  • Pedals feature stunning patterns, fabric textures, crinkling sounds
  • Smiling, embroidered face in the middle lights up with the color of whatever pedal you touch
  • Touch 2 pedals to mix and create a new color
  • Features loop for hanging
  • Includes one Blushing Blossoms sensory toy
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries - Included
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptionally safe for baby

    Check out the manufacturer's video here: